Get certified as a Standard First Aid Instructor in this new SRFAC accredited program and secure yourself in an industry that serves millions of people each year - recession or not!

Your knowledge is your legacy

You've learnt the ropes, now it's time to pass it on. 

If there is one single skill that everyone can benefit from, it would be first aid.

The first few moments in an emergency could be the only window of opportunity to save a life. Only a trained first aider can respond within that time. 

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of certified first aiders equipped for this. And this has been an issue for the longest time...
An under-Served Community
Almost 6 million people in Singapore, yet only a small fraction are certified in first aid. 

The demand for first aid training is very high - whether mandated by the workforce, regulatory requirements or the safety needs of a premise. 

In fact, with a network of almost 50 first aid instructors, we can ONLY manage to train close to 40,000 per year. That's less than 1%.

Why? There are just not enough qualified first aid instructors to meet this demand. 

The SFA Instructor Course

First aid instructors were previously considered rare assets. It was hard to get into a first aid instructor course and even harder  to get recognised as one. 

But the good news is, this is no longer the case. 

The new SRFAC Accredited Standard First Aid (SFA) Instructor course is a total game-changer for aspiring first aid instructors.

You can now get trained as a certified first aid instructor in as little as 7 days.


Teaching first aid is truly meaningful and fulfilling. Imagine empowering every day people as they transform into action-taking first aiders, ready to step forward to save others. 

Apart from the intangible benefits, here are other advantages of teaching first aid...





Develop Your Own ARMY Of First Aiders
It's one thing to help save someone's life. But it's completely another when you save someone you don't even know, through someone else. 

Imagine being able to clone yourself into 10, 20, or even 100 others who are ready to respond in emergencies, watching over thousands of people at the same time. You will be making a difference out there 24/7, even when you don't know it. That is how powerful the role of a first aid trainer can be. 


Use It Or Lose It
Studies have proven that you retain up to 95% of what you have learnt when you teach it.  

So by teaching others how to perform first aid, you are in fact perfecting your own first aid skills and knowledge at the same time!


Monetise Your Knowledge
Whether you are really serious or just testing it out, being a first aid instructor can provide a lucrative source of income for you. It is one of the best ways to earn extra cash, while you make an impact, empower others and serve goodness to the community - all at the same time. 

In fact, many first aid instructors have made successful full-time careers out of first aid teaching because it is sustainable, enjoyable and always in demand.
Perhaps you are considering a mid-career switch, or wish to do something meaningful, or need supplemental income to get by, or a student who needs some extra cash - then this could be the solution for you.

Over 134 Training Centres Are Looking For You!

Recent changes to guidelines makes this the BEST time for you to get into the industry!
All SRFAC training centres have the same problem - there are just not enough instructors to go around. But why? There are 2 main reasons for this.

 New Changes In Workplace Requirements

New workplace requirements have increased the need to have more first aiders at work. These are regulated by several Ministries and Stat Boards. But so many potential first aid trainees have to be placed on waiting lists, simply because training centres can't support this demand. 

COVID-19 made this even worse with reduced class sizes, resulting in a huge backlog of first aiders to be trained. 

 New Guidelines For Instructor To Participant Ratio

The Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council has recently reduced the instructor to participant ratio for CPR AED practical, creating an additional 50% increase in demand for first aid instructors. Bad news for training centres, but great news for aspiring instructors!
FACT:  From a class size of 16 down to half, most training centres don't have enough instructors to support market demand for first aid training. By associating yourself with these training centres, you can be sure that there will be more than enough teaching and earning  opportunities for you!

(7 hours)

The online segment is done at your own pace. It covers the "Instructor Essentials" modules, quizzes and assessments that must be completed before attending classroom sessions.

(14 hours)

You will engage in enriching mock teaching sessions under the guidance of an experienced instructor. These are designed to prepare you for your practicums. Includes a final theory assessment. 

(32 hours)

The practicums are held over 4 days of teaching classroom sessions in front of live participants, where you will coach, manage and assess participants as a trainee instructor under supervision.


Here's What You'll Need To Get Started

You will need to have these certifications before you sign up for your SFA Instructor Course. If you don't have them yet, you may do so with us while enjoying up to 80% SSG funding!

Standard First Aid Certification

Mode of Learning:
1 Day Online / 1 Day Classroom
Recognised by:
SSG Subsidy: 
Up to 80% funded
+ Eligible for Skills Future Credit

BCLS+AED Certification

Mode of Learning:
4 hr Online /  4 hr Classroom
Recognised by:
SSG Subsidy: 
Up to 80% funded
+ Eligible for Skills Future Credit

BCLS+AED Instructor Certification

Mode of Learning:
3 Days (Include Practicum)
Recognised by:
SSG Subsidy: 
Up to 80% funded
+ Eligible for Skills Future Credit
I'm really keen! 
But what if I've never taught anything before?

 Get trained by the best

Over 5000 Google Reviews can't be wrong! 
Learn the ropes of the trade from our A-team of experienced instructor trainers who are always ready to guide and coach you. A few days with them and you will find yourself benefitting tremendously from...
  • Top quality teaching skills and practices
  • Classroom management skills that work
  • ​Subject matter expertise to scale up quickly

 Plenty of practice before the real thing

An instructor program designed for you to succeed.
All our instructor programs give you ample preparation before you actually set out to teach in front of a real class. Activities are designed to help you gain deeper understanding of first aid topics, build confidence and overcome common challenges in class. By the end, you will find yourself ready to take on your first live class!
  • Hours of mock teaching to practice
  • Constructive critique and coaching by peers
  • ​Lesson plans and teaching materials provided

 The SgFirstAid Instructor Network

Get the help and support you need to keep going.
Most instructors operate as freelancers, which means they don't actually get much support once they start teaching on their own.  This can be a very lonely path ahead for many instructors, but not with us. We're ready to support SgFirstAid certified Instructors to the best we can, even if you are teaching for other training centres. 
  • Keep current with the latest instructor updates
  • Exclusive access to our instructor platform
  • ​New teaching opportunities announcements

 Put in On Your CV

Make your profile stand out with an instructor certification.
You might be a coach, a teacher or an active member of your safety team. Regardless, the additional instructor certification helps you to stand out above the rest. A first aid instructor may be perceived as having a higher level of confidence, knowledge and skills compared to a first aid provider, which means you can add value to the organisation in a way that others may not be able to.
  • Add a new credential and expertise to your CV
  • Stand out and establish yourself above the rest  
  • ​Be seen as the in-house "expert" in first aid

 If You ever need a plan B

 If You ever need a 
"plan B"

When times are bad and you need to get by
A first aid instructor certification is an excellent option if things don't work out and you need something to temporarily fall back on. When the world was hit by COVID-19 and many trades were forced to close, the demand for certified instructors actually INCREASED. Workers, business owners, students, teachers, childcare operators, security personnel and government officers all still need to be first aid trained regardless of the environment, and there is no sign of this changing anytime in the future. This is your Plan B.
  • Back yourself up with a first aid instructor cert
  • Learn from the past and upskill yourself
  • ​Align yourself with training centres from now
Not to be underestimated!
Even if you intend to teach something else, first aid can be an excellent platform for you to kick off your career in training. And here's why...
FIRSTLY, starting off your teaching career as a SFA instructor opens up doors of opportunity to deliver before live, ready audiences. Unlike other courses, there are hundreds of first aid courses being conducted in Singapore alone on a daily basis, making it the most accessible teaching platform to gain experience for new trainers. 
SECONDLY, first aid gives you a strong overview of how to fuse theory and practical teaching effectively. This exposure will gear you to think out of the box and start combining "practical components" with your own topics, another skill that will make you stand out as a trainer.
THIRDLY,  first aid is often conducted for a diverse audience of different backgrounds, all within the same space. This rare exposure will enable you to develop unique skills and strategies to engage everyone, while still making the learning relevant. The outcome - your learners will keep coming back to you for more! 
Without a doubt, first aid training gives you an excellent stage to grow as a trainer. It is a powerful stepping stone for you to make your mark in the training industry. Even if you don't see yourself teaching first aid for long, you will definitely be able to take advantage of what you have learnt from it throughout your career. 
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